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Android-Zombie Elvis!

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Zombie Elvis!, Zombie, Elvis, Vegas, concert, game, games, video, play, iPhone, Android, mobile

Elvis forever, the king of rock and roll will never die, iconography reminiscent of religious theology, a modern form of idol worship. arms outstretched in scarlet lined cape, like the bat wings of a vampire, a pose reminiscent of christ crucified, see Michael Jackson and the Jarvis Cocker incident. It is said that man is made in Gods image, but in todays world of celebrity obsessed culture, has that been reversed, do we make gods in mans image. In Zombie Elvis! I sought to use satire and parody to express the almost infectious obsession that can make some lose their heads.

Zombie Elvis! in verse...

Calling for a rock n roll revolution, dressed for war, a message via bullet notes. Collective group think, in uni form the masses adorn, dead soldiers faun.

Sleepy times in the land of Nod, don't lose your head, nodding to the beat, poor noddys shot back to your feet, the final nod off, is the final send off, for dead bury dead, in the game of shot head.

Tain mirrors reflector, menti Latin words, mind is menti meant, from this your enter-tain-ment is vent. In mirror eyes polar desires met, life for death fulfilment met.

On your knees sucking musical pipes, the organ music sings, in selfless worship, in vampiric mirror, no self reflection cast. Church of celebrity worship at last.

In closing, I would like to end my thoughts paraphrasing a biblical quotation spoken by Jesus Christ.
God is within me, as I am within you.

Find the god within you. Enjoy the game, and remember. Don't lose your head.

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